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TrapxArt HTX

The House of Chelette debuts in Houston TX at the TrapxArt Expo

[Houston TX, February 16, 2023] TrapxArt is a platform for the "urban creative mind created by Oakland CA natives, Amina and Jesse Brooks. TrapxArt has hosted hundreds of events worldwide". Checkout which cities TrapxArt will be popping up in and their event schedule if you are a lover of the Arts or a local vendor, designer or model becuase they are still touring across the US.

The House of Chelette is going to catch them March 2nd in Houston on the Northwest side of town. The House's theme this year is "Please Excuse My French", Chelette came up with when she was deciding on how she wanted to debut as her first time with out collaborating with another fashion designer. "Since I'm not a traditional fashion designer, I decided to figuratively rid the models of clothes, leaving them with only their undergarments so that people would not be confused to what was being showcased. But in reality, I wanted to be a little dramatic with the undergarments so I decided to use hoop skirts, fishnet stockings and bodysuits as accessories to my umbrellas. I plan on keeping the same theme through the year even though the designs will change and I also plan on having more editorial, art like, exclusive collections.

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