Designer | Artist Bio

New Orleans local, Quinashai Chelette has been exploring her culture through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Q. Chelette began designing 2nd line umbrella as a therapeutic hobby. Her first official 2nd line umbrella was a gift to a friend who was a part of the “Ole & New” 2nd line royal court in 2017; giving her the idea to start a 2nd line umbrella boutique. January 2020, Q. Chelette founded Quinashai Chelette the brand and decided to create a 2nd line umbrella fashion house as runway 3D art. A week later, she debuted at the Sampson’s Spring Fashion runway show in Brooklyn, New York. Creating one-of-a-kind, signature 2nd line umbrellas while highlighting her culture as her fundamental concept; Q. Chelette aims to give 2nd line umbrellas more of a presence in the fashion world.

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