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Designer | Artist Bio

Welcome to the House of Chelette, home of the New Orleans Runway 2nd Line Umbrella.  Executive designer, Quinashai Chelette houses  her exclusive collections and projects in her official art gallery. The House of Chelette's Pop Up Shop, is where her umbrellas can be purchased. Qchelette's designs are artwork 1st and 2nd line accessories 2nd. 


Quinashai Chelette has been exploring her culture through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Qchelette began designing 2nd line umbrellas as a therapeutic hobby. Her first official 2nd line umbrella was a gift to a friend who was a part of the “Ole & New” 2nd line court in 2017; giving her the idea to start a 2nd line umbrella boutique. January 2020, Qchelette founded Quinashai Chelette the brand and decided to create a 2nd line umbrella fashion house as runway 3D art. A week later, she debuted at the Sampson’s Spring Fashion runway show in Brooklyn, New York. Creating one-of-a-kind, signature 2nd line umbrellas while highlighting her culture as her fundamental concept; Qchelette aims to give 2nd line umbrellas more of a presence in the fashion world.

Due to preparation for Spring Fashion Week, custom orders will not be available after February 2024

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