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Meet The Woman Behind the Business Magazine Artist Spotlight

Quinashai Chelette starts off the New Year in print

[New Orleans, LA, January 23, 2023] If you don't know about this beautiful editor and chief of content creating, hosting the Sadie Says It All: Meet The Woman Behind The Business Series, and now founder and overseer of the publication, Meet The Woman Behind The Business Magazine, Sadie Pegues-Hall; who kicked off the new year covering Quinashai Chelette for the magazine's Artist Spotlight interview. "Sadie has accepted the positions of Director of Content and COO for The GIM Network as well as the new Vice President of CAW Film Festival".

Special shout out to the brand's premier photographer, James Whigham of JWP Studio for the Artist Spotlight photo-op (pictures can be found in magazine). The early spring issue, which covers the months of January, February and March, was just published last weekend, January 15. Get your digital or print copy of this issue, don't forget to show some of and support!

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