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"You Owe Yourself Something"

[New Orleans, LA, December 15, 2022] Just 11 months ago Quinashai Chelette landed her very first interview with Nolazine TV and by early March, she was interviewed by DJ Chase in Manhattan, New York City at Gotham Podcast Studio. Since then, Qchelette has received publication in Elucid Magazine, Droid Journal, Music Hypebeast and LA Weekly.

Early October, Qchelette met up with Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and freelance writer for multiple mainstream media companies, Jonathan P-Wright, in Miami at the House of Hits - the city's premier high end recording studio. Featuring a 175 times platinum staff and 4 state of the art rooms.

While in Miami, Qchelette inked a video distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS TV and the first episode is debuting in December as episode 1 of her documentary "House of Chelette", on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google TV, Fandango, and VUDU according to LA WEEKLY.

"It's more than just an interview or episode of a documentary. The House of Chelette is my ever evolving legacy. It is my art gallery and I am the executive artist and designer. I am the brand identity and I am the story. I decided to share my journey with you as it unravels to create a sense of transparency between you and I. Maybe it'll help you understand me more, maybe it won't."

- Quinashai Chelette

• Partnered with RADIOPUHSERS for music monetization (May)

• Digital monetization partnership with 99.7 DA HEAT Miami powered by iHeartRadio and RADIOPUSHERS (June)

• Appointed as a Brand Ambassador for MUSICHYPEBEAST (July)

• DREAMHUSTLEWIN PODCAST Interviewer (September)

• Inked a video distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS TV (October)

• Releasing documentary’ House of Chelette Volume 1′ on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google TV, Fandango, and VUDU. (December)


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