I aim to build a revolutionary brand that houses exclusive creations by designer and artist, Quinashai Chelette; that fall under fashion, literature and performing arts.

As the Founder & CEO


My vision is

To create a new outlet and platform for self expression in the most selfish form; self love.

Meet the Boss


Kwin-na-Shay   Sha-Lett

My name is Quinashai Chelette Watts and I am 27 years young. Since 2018 I have been working on the concept of my brand and how I was going to tie my 3 platforms together as one. The very foundation of this brand rests on my poetry. The book I'm preparing to release, the music I write and the runway parasols I design all came from marketing ideas I came up with to push my book of poetry.  In the grand scheme of things everything will soon make sense, but until then continue to follow the journey as it unravels. 


Q & A


What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments?

My first biggest accomplishment was surviving and overcoming depression because not many people do. My 2nd biggest accomplishment is mustering up the guts to establish my brand and show you my skillsets and talents whether you like them or not. My 3rd biggest accomplishment is that I have yet to give up on myself and I’m redefining my worth. Many people have never even given themselves a fighting chance, let alone have a conscience interpretation of their own worth. 

What made you stick with Quinashai Chelette as your Stage Name?

From a little girl the running joke has always been, “well, if you ever become famous, you don’t have to come up with a name”. Quinashai Chelette fits me as a person and as a character. In fact, that is also the name of my alter ego or my on stage persona. She is her own sound, look, style, vibe and mood. She is Quinashai Chelette.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

It is very hard to place myself with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. However, in a perfect world, I see myself. As a Fashion Designer; participating in at least 10 fashion shows with 1 of them being in Paris or Milan, editorial Publications in fashion magazines and other related outlets, and hosting a Fashion Show in my city, New Orleans

As a recording Artist of Poetry and Music, I see myself; booking gigs in my city, going on tour and gaining tons of exposure in all the right places, as well as releasing mix-tapes, albums and books. My first mix-tape is set to release in the fall of 2020 so stay tuned in for more details!  

What is your “Why”?

The difference that I want to make in the world, the hearts that I want to touch and the life that I want to build for myself all play an important role in “why” I sacrifice and what I choose to influence me.  The level of support from my parents and my support system influence me the most to pursue my dreams. Not to mention the beautiful, talented and powerful women of color who continue to grow as movers and shakers in Pop Culture, while demonstrating that dreams do come true and anything is possible on platforms across corporate and non-corporate America.