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Why do you write?

​Writing and recording both music and poetry are one of my coping mechanisms to help make sense of my emotions or how the emotions of others impact me. When I began to let my friends and family hear some of my work, they encouraged me to share my sound with you.

 What are your biggest influences?

​ The difference that I want to make in the world, the hearts that I want to touch and the life that I want to build for myself, all play an important role in “why” I sacrifice and what I choose to influence me.  The level of support from my parents and my support system influence me the most to pursue my dreams. Not to mention the beautiful, talented and powerful women of color who continue to grow as movers and shakers in American Pop Culture, while demonstrating that dreams do come true and anything is possible on platforms across corporate and non-corporate America.

Who are you compared to?

​People say I give them a modern Neo-Soul, Hip-hop, Indie vibe. My sassy poetic flair reminds them of Jill Scott, my pop-island vibes gives them Rihanna and many are still trying to place my rap style.

How do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

​I want people to feel completely liberated when they hear my music. I want my content to be so relatable, especially for people who have trouble explaining or verbalizing their feelings and emotions. Let my music be the anthem of your new found freedom of expression.

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