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NYC's DJ Chase Talks Music, Runway and Culture with Quinashai Chelette

"What up yall, it's ya girl Quinashai Chelette and you're now tuned into DJ Chase Radio, the hottest new home for the creative, yaah...." And the rest was history.

Qchelette was first discovered by DJ Chase on Distrokid back in January when he ran across "Rio de Janeiro" which was the first single released last year; also landing a spot on Q93fm's NOLA Next rotation for up and coming independent artists last summer; 4 months after it's release. Q93fm is a major platform for artists because it is New Orleans' #1 Station for Hip Hop and R&B.

By early March, Qchelette was being interviewed by DJ Chase in Manhattan, New York City at Gotham Podcast Studio tackling topics that independent artists want to hear like; supporting one's self vs getting support, or educating yourself on how to market yourself as an independent artist. DJ Chase also also dropped gems for up and coming independent artists who struggle with getting responses from a Dj, radio station, record label and experienced artist's standpoint; "Read", he urges those who have to wear many hats in order to get their music heard. What is so epic about DJ Chase, is that his platform is also to help independent artists who are willing to help themselves.

DJ Chase may not not be able to catch every dope vibe on his own, but DJ Chase Radio, the official Spotify playlist can with your help. Submit your music today because he's always accepting new submissions for "the new audio home for the creative, streaming the best in top 40, today's hits and classics so tune in 24/7 to hear great talk shows and great music.

Thank You DJ Chase and DJ Chase Radio for everything that you do. We wish you nothing but more success, peace and happiness.

"I cannot thank you enough DJ Chase for allowing me an opportunity to grace your radio and podcast. I am beyond grateful to even say that I have met you and loved your vibe, what you stand for and what you stand on. This experience has only added to and elevated my knowledge and outlook as an independent artist, designer and entrepreneur. Your words of wisdom, advice will not go unused." - Quinashai Chelette

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