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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Quinashai Chelette brings double for his trouble in new single releasing this fall

[New Orleans, LA, October 25, 2021] Is it just us, or is Quinashai Chelette giving an array of dope vibes as she gets ready to release her 3rd official single, "Double" featuring R3 Marley ?

Is it:

  • A -how she communicates her words?

  • B - her sound variety?

  • C - the Qchelette vibes?

  • D - or all of the above for you?

If you are still unsure, you won't be for long. "Double" is the first single being released from her debut EP titled "UK", dropping before her debut album "Wynter Rose" (originally set to be released New Years Eve, but has been postponed). Even though "UK's" release date is TBA, "Double" will be available on all streaming platforms before the end of the year so stay tuned.

"I wrote 'Double' as a response to an unfinished song written by Marley a few years ago called 'Love Me Dummy', and I incorporated the response into my hook." Qchelette explained in an interview. "His song was more of a sad hopeless, love song, but as beautiful as I thought it was, I didn't want to respond with the same energy. Even though I did not have that in mind when I decided to write 'Double', I just knew I wanted it to be more upbeat, fun and exciting much like what love feels like when it's either new, genuine or reciprocated. I could have named the song 'Love'em Dummy', but I was going for something short and sweet, but still relatable to the words Marley and I wrote throughout the song. Double for his trouble, Double the effort when involving two people, double the amount of sides to a story; and the list goes on". R3 Marley was surprised that Qchelette decided to respond to one of his archived rough drafts years later, but was very excited to be a part of of the project, jumping on the song as the featured artist after sitting in on one of Qchelette's studio sessions with BeatzByNel when she first recorded the song.

The music to "Double" was created by beat maker, Yusei, but R3 Marley and his producer- JTymer'OnaTrack and owner of N.O.W productions, recorded his part. Qchelette's main producer and owner of The Kut Factory recording studio - BeatzByNel, is responsible for recording her, mixing and mastering the radio and non-radio versions of the song.

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