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The way "The Wind Blows"

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Quinashai Chelette heats things up for story time in her 2nd single and official music video, "The Wind Blows"

[New Orleans, LA, July 11, 2021] "She told me to write her a poem that would help her put into words how exactly to feel. So I embodied her pain, a pain that I have yet to experience & I iced her broken heart 💔 on my words to preserve it while she healed. Then I made it into a song. Thank you my dangerously beautiful muse who will remain a beautiful mystery 💋

I hope this helps you like it did her #GetWellSoon

Enjoy this mixtape styled poetic rap piece DROPPING Summer 2021"

Quinashai Chelette posted a sneak peak of her new single, "The Wind Blows" this past April and interestingly enough, the story being told wasn't even hers. "I didn't know how to feel or how to be there for my friend, so I wrote her a poem that I hoped would help her healing process". As of to date, with the exception of R3Marley, all muses and inspiration used in Q. Chelette's projects are cloaked in mystery to preserve their privacy. "If we take time to stop and process life, I think we can learn from each other's life experiences; but how can you teach something that you struggle with learning yourself? So I decided to tell her story, but paraphrased from my own perspective, hoping that there would be a lesson to learn for all of us by the end of the song." Q. Chelette explains.

The official music video for "The Wind Blows" was inspired by the art of confession. Q. Chelette confesses to a broken heart caused by an emotionally unstable lover who may be too far gone to save. Now she is left stuck between a rock and a hard place; having to choose between giving unconditional love or offering something she had been neglecting herself of; selflove. After soaking in a karmic infused bubble bath, Q. Chelette decides not to engage in the toxic game of "get back", but instead she gracefully bows out to offer space for forgiveness, healing, and growth to all who are willing to receive. "I believe that there are battles in life, that were intended for no one to win, but everyone involved to learn from; it's just unfortunate when people refuse to learn or understand the part/role they played".

Ashleigh Tucker, who's been styling Q. Chelette in photoshoots since 2019, played a major role as: on set designer, hairstylist and MUA. Outside of being Q. Chelette's business partner for their seasonal fashion line XIV CHELETTE, she is executive designer and CEO of local fashion line XIV Couture. New Orleans Film director and videographer "LeakOnnaLenz" aka Maleak Earl, who directed and shot Q. Chelette's debut single, "Rio de Janeiro" is also taking on her 2nd project, which offers a more vulnerable, up close and personal experience. Beat maker, KYLO Beats and producer- JTymer'OnaTrack, owner of N.O.W. Productions, were also involved. Special shout out to local fashion retail owner Jazmine Nicole for sponsoring the wardrobe. Shop Unforgettable The J Nicole Way today. Specializing in your Sleepwear, Loungewear , and Lingerie needs .

"The Wind Blows" will be available to listen and download on all streaming platforms July 30th and the music video will premiere on her YouTube channel weeks following.

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