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Check out article of Quinashai Chelette on NOLAZINE TV

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

"The Wind Blows" graces the radar of New Orleans Entertainment Blog

If you didn't already know, "NOLAZINE TV is a Entertainment Platform that gives you the latest Articles on Independent Music Artists, Models, Entreprenuers and more". Quinashai Chelette has just joined the team when she crossed their radar with 2nd single "The Wind Blows", released late July. The official music video dropped on her birthday September 22nd.

NOLAZINE TV has officially landed a special place in our heart being our official debut article published by an established and official source of entertainment as a music artist.

As Quinashai Chelette the brand we will continue to create our own footprint to leave behind on our city, New Orleans, and beyond.

"The Wind Blows", would not have been possible without beat maker, KYLO Beats and producer- JTymer'OnaTrack for recording, main producer and owner of The Kut Factory recording studio - BeatzByNel for mixing and mastering the radio and non-radio edits. Not to mention, New Orleans Film director and videographer "LeakOnnaLenz" aka Maleak Earl, who directed and shot Q. Chelette's debut single, "Rio de Janeiro". Ashleigh Tucker, who's been styling Q. Chelette since 2019, as: on set designer, hairstylist and MUA. We also want to thank JWP Studio, for being our premier photographer capturing some of the brand's most breathtaking moments. JWP Studio, "each client will be estatic about the creative and very personal aspect.. consider collaborating with JWP Studio for the results you want and deserve".

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