Local N.O. Umbrella Runway Designer Quinashai Chelette Sells Birthday Collection to Promote Literacy

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Proceeds will go to the New Orleans Little Free Library

"Couture Culture" Collection inspired by Q. Chelette's 28th Birthday

September 22, 2020

I've always envisioned myself helping others in my own way and I believe that this is only the beginning. When I established my business in January I had no idea what was in store for 2020; no one did. Fast forward 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the city of New Orleans has plateaued in phase 2 with phase 1 restrictions due to the city's efforts to respond to the spiked outbreaks as they occur. From a global standpoint, we as a neighboring community have had to find new ways to cope and many of us are still trying to find that new outlet that is just as comparable.

With all of these new obstacles that have surfaced for many of us, I have decided to be more selfless this birthday by breathing life into my culture through philanthropy. Like many festivals and celebrations that were canceled this year, 2nd line season also fell victim to the pandemic. Nevertheless, COVID-19 could not cancel the culture or the tradition that it brings to the City of New Orleans. That is why I have decided to design 28 handmade runway parasols for only $28 to bring in my 28th birthday with charity. To top it all off I chose to donate the proceeds of this collection to the New Orleans Little Free Library Organization, to promote literacy because knowledge is power and I want to empower my city with the necessary tools needed for success and freedom.

Why did I choose the New Orleans Little Free Library? The more I interact with my peers on a social level, the more I notice that pivotal disconnect between young adults who are literate vs. young adults who have challenges with literacy; the ambitious and aspiring vs. the unenthusiastic and disinclined. Sometimes the thing that limits us is in our mind and not our mind itself. Sometimes the help that we need is recorded on the pages of a book that was never introduced to us. Well let's reintroduce literacy and the power behind the minds that thought enough about you to fill a library with the answers to your life long questions, without ever meeting you. Let's pay it forward.

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