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HipHop Weekly Published Quinashai Chelette's Last Article of 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

HipHop Weekly Magazine adds the icing on the cake, topping off Qchelette's 1st year debuting as musical artist!

First and foremost, shout out to James Whigham, owner of JWP Studio and premier photographer for Quinashai Chelette the brand. JWP's work for Qchelette's brand and identity is breathtakingly remarkable, giving very classy editorial vibes. JWP Studio's mission is to provide quality and professional photography while redefining the expectations of their clients.

It's one thing when you planned on releasing a major project, but life happens and duty calls. Quinashai Chelette's heart was set on releasing a mixtape or EP before the end of 2021 if not on the eve of the new year. Even though she was not able to cross that goal off of her list, there were a few things to toast to; if we are talking accomplishments. Not only did Qchelette get approximately 3 months worth of radio time on Q93 New Orleans' #1 radio station for Hip Hop and R&B, but she also received a song review by Ride Music Blog and articles from entertainment platforms; Nolazine TV and Hiphop Since 1987. As she wrapped up 2021, Qchelette's last published article came with a treat! A spot on the Hiphop Weekly Spotify playlist. Even though we don't always accomplish our goals when or how we want, Quinashai Chelette the brand could not be anymore proud of the great strides made by this up and coming artist.

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