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Giving You The Blues

How did we get here, trapped between leather and a soft place. What I love most about shopping in New York is the unlimited possibilities that you are exposed to when your imagination meets reality.

Designer Shoot

Holy Rad Studio | 20 Grand Ave #706, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Red Head Bed Head

“I keep a lucky charm, got to have a red head"

I had such a blast shooting this look that wasn't even in my hotel room for 24 hours. My business partner and I went to New York City to debut a collaborative collection that we were working on for the Spring of 2020. After the show, we wanted to celebrate with a couple of ladies that also flew up from New Orleans so see us at the Sampson Spring Runway Fashion Show. We wandered all over New York until we stumbled into Mystic Boutique, who happened to be getting rid of their winter collection. The deals were so great, I thought that I was living a dream, but then reality gracefully glided out of the picture.

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