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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

2nd Line Umbrellas | Made for the Culture | Inspired by Runway

Let's talk about making your culture your own. How do you identify with your culture while staying true to you? Is your culture worth being talked about, explored or even celebrated?

Here in New Orleans we take pride in our culture which spans from our world-renowned musical legends and the festivals that were born from their legacies, to the love that we have for our Creole and Cajun cuisine, and we can't help our New Orleans twang; but all the more reason for the city to have reached more than 13.1 million travelers via commercial air travel alone in 2018. Now depending on the time of year you come down to my city, you are bound to get into something, but what I'm really trying to say is, the people of New Orleans dance to the beat of their own drum; which is causing people from all around the world to take a leave of absence from their "normal" routine and hop on a plane just to see for themselves exactly what the fuss is about in this small big city called New Orleans. People are arriving by plane, train and automobile fussing about; how amazing the food is, how talented the locals artists are posted up throughout the French Quarter selling their art or playing on Frenchmen st. and how its been so long since they've danced and enjoyed themselves like they did down in New Orleans.

Well all of my fashionistas, get into customizing the culture to your style. Show up to the next 2nd Line Sunday, Mardi Gras ball, wedding reception, cookout, birthday party, graduation celebration or festival all the way ready.

Since I am not able to showcase my parasols on the runway as we continue to stay safe and practice social distancing, you are still able to rock your wearable runway art pieces as a symbolism of keeping the culture going. I choose to embrace my culture by giving 2nd line umbrellas more of a presence in the fashion world. How do you embrace your culture?

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